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Welcome to Loudbrook.com. We’re thrilled you landed here with us.

We hope the various products in our store will serve to brighten you and yours—find an encouraging place in your daily life, home and neighborhood.

Loudbrook.com exists to make Jesus Christ famous through artistic expression that cancels darkness and facilitates opportunities for experiencing God’s love in the world.

Music leaders, fellow musicians and music lovers—we wrote No MoRE NiGHT to be sung worldwide. Check out the album No MoRE NiGHT and the No MoRE NiGHT music charts on Loudbrook.com.

We made it. You get it. Sing it loud.

The album No MoRE NiGHT is inspired by our true story of following Jesus Christ out of our personal dark night, supported by a caring community of friends. So we actually believe life is better lived in community with others: to love and be loved back, to be known for who we really are and not for who we may pretend to be. We celebrate joy together and carry each other through the hard times. And sometimes, let's be honest, both the joy and the hard times can take your breath away. This is our experience.

We fought challenges we never thought we’d have to face, and in the face of everything, we encountered the transformational light of God, who brought us out of our dark night by the blood of Jesus Christ—but we had to believe God.

12 years ago we began the difficult journey—sorting through mental illness and early childhood abuse complicated by demonic influence. As we believed Jesus Christ for our rescue we experienced many miracle deliverances; freedom from torment; healing of heart, mind, and soul; rapid release of enormous pain; stability in our daily life and marriage; unexpected provision; and our miracle baby after several miscarriages.

We made No MoRE NiGHT out of awe for how God worked miraculously for us throughout this time. And we share some of our story here to be a comfort to you wherever you are. Don’t give up. 

We love to place things in our home that remind us of our victorious God. And the overall concept of No MoRE NiGHT is to communicate light. Light that cancels darkness. We design our home decor products with this in mind, to help you fight your battles and encourage you. 

"For God rescued us from the dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the Son he loves." - Colossians 1:13

Wherever you are in your journey, you are welcome here. Hope you enjoy our music and store!


(Loudbrook is a rough translation of Bryan and Melissa's last name, Lautenbach)

To go deeper check out HeartSync Ministries— http://www.heartsyncministries.org/what-we-believe/